We stand with our nurses and physicians and each other. here is how we can help.


We are giving our digital document services for free to all healthcare professionals fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

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stop touching papers, faxes and folders and other surfaces.

What services can I get for free?

No-Touch Document Sending

Send all your patient documentation without touching fax machines or delivering in person.

No-Touch Electronic Signing

Get all your documents signed quickly and with no contact, and continue with your much needed billing cycles.

Remote Communication

Stay in touch with your physicians without phone calls or faxes, directly from any of your Internet devices.

Safer Contact And Document Delivery

With in-person visits often not being possible, still get all your communication and documents done remotely.

Additional Free Services

Document Tracking

Know where all your documents are, in real time.


Create, send and review documents directly from the field, with our mobile tools.


Collaborate securely with your team members and patients, from anywhere.

Referral Tracking

Receive referral, send referrals, capture all the data you need to get started quickly.

Order Management

Track the real-time status of all your documents -- find out if they were opened, reviewed, or being signed.

Fastest Signing

Through our software and services, physicians can sign in 48h, or less.

Automated Follow-Up

Our software knows when it time to follow up, and how. We determine the best way to stay in touch with the physician's office.

Track Employees Work

Review and manage what your whole team is doing, and put resources where they are needed the most.

Always-On Connection

Through our Always-On framework, agencies are in direct contact with their physicians.

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