Since 1991, Prima CARE have been committed to the doctor/patient relationship. They provide services in the office, hospital, nursing home, and at their walk-in clinics all over the wider Boston area. Prima CARE has grown tremendously since its inception, now with 160 providers who see patients in Fall River, Somerset, Tiverton, and Westport.

What features are most important?

Document Preparation

Reviewing, managing and preparing all documents, so that their physicians can just sign everything with 1-Click.

Tablet App

For fastest service, their physicians can use a dedicated Always-On tablet right on their desk, to sign documents instantly.

Agency Communication

Our staff and services help physicians maintain strong connections with agencies in their communities.

By The Numbers

100,000 Documents

Prima CARE processed more than 100,000 documents using the Doctor Alliance network.


Prima CARE physicians generated more than $500,000 in new revenue since they joined Doctor Alliance.

45 Agencies

Prima CARE directly connected with 45 auxiliary partners in their region for faster and easier processing.

Doctor Alliance
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